600m run

  • Start behind the treadmill and on the call of go jump on and press quick start
  • Input the speed you want to run at and raise the incline to 1%

30 KB swings (24kg for men/16kg for women)

  • Hold the kettlebell between your legs with both hands
  • Using your hips and glutes swing the kettlebell so it raises to eye height

20 Box over jumps (red height for men/blue for women)

  • Start on one side of the box and jump on top of it (however you want)
  • Land on the box and jump off so you land on the far side. This is one rep
  • Step up and over will also be allowed but both feet must touch the floor on both sides

10 ViPR tilts (20kg for men/12kg for women)

Pick up the ViPR from one end and move it laterally across the front of your body to place it down on the opposite side.

1.5km bike (Lv 12 for men/10 for women)

  • Set the bike to the desired level and go for it

10 medicine ball press-ups (for men)/ press-ups (for women)

  • Place one hand on a medicine ball and perform a press-up
  • At the top of the press-up swap hands and repeat
  • Your chest must reach in line with the medicine ball

20 goblet squats (24kg for men/16kg for women)

  • Hold a kettlebell at chest height with both hands (the weight must be facing upwards)
  • Keeping the kettlebell on your chest perform a full-depth squat (hips below knees)

30 sandbell rainbow slams (9 for men/5.5 for women)

  • Hold a sandbell in both hands to one side of your body
  • Raise the sandbell up over your head and slam it into the floor on other side of your body

400m row (130-140 drag factor)

Set the resistance up before you start and then strap your feet in and go.

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